A few samples of what we’ve been cooking:

Cocktail Party for the Cooks (50 guests)

for 50 Chefs, San Francisco, Calif.

Chez Panisse 40th Anniversary Dinner
(40 guests)

for Chez Panisse private home, Berkeley, Calif.

Party with Yuri Nomura (200 guests)

for Tokyo’s Playmountain at Heath Ceramics, Los Angeles, Calif.
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Wedding Dinner (110 guests)

Bolinas, Calif.

Early Fall Dinner (25 guests)

Birthday dinner, Napa, Calif.

Dinner Party for dosa (12 guests)

for dosa, Berkeley, Calif.

Summer Dinner (30 guests)

Birthday party, Bolinas, Calif.

shumai: steamed pork & ginger dumpling